Chinese Bridges

Living Architecture from China's Past. Ronald G. Knapp. Tuttle Publishing 2008. Beiträge von Peter Bol, A. Chester Ong. Englisch. 272 Seiten, 23,7 x 31,2 cm. 1,8 kg. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9780804838849. art-17604
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Chinese Bridges brings together a thorough look at the marvels of Chinese bridge design from one of the world's leading experts on Chinese culture and historical geography, Ronald G. Knapp. While many consider bridges to be merely utilitarian civil engineering, the bridges of China move beyond that stereotype, as many are undeniably dramatic, even majestic and daring. Chinese Bridges illustrates in detail 20 well-preserved ancient bridges along with descriptions and essays on the distinctive architectural elements shared by the various designs.

For the first time in an English-language book, Chinese Bridges records scores of newly discovered bridges across China's vast landscape, illustrated with over 400 color photographs, as well as woodblock prints, historical images, paintings and line drawings.