Lamps and Lights. Robert Klampen, Kitty Bolhöfer, Sven Ehmann (Hrsg.). 2011. Beiträge von: Laure Traldi. 17 x 24 cm. Gewicht: 1,2 kg. 320 Seiten Fester Einband. Text: Englisch. Gestalten. ISBN 9783899553734. art-15576
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The effect of light cannot be overestimated. The most splendid interior will not shine without adequate lighting.

In the last few years, a new school of lamp designers and light manufacturers have taken the lead in creating and developing a new frontier of domestic lighting. These innovative solutions reflect the cutting-edge of contemporary furniture design, interior design, and architecture as much as a recent quantum leap in illumination technology. Lux offers an inspiring range of these current approaches to lamps and lighting that represent a fundamental change in the aesthetic and technical possibilities available.