The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Japanese Gardening

Charles Chesshire. Anness Publishing 2009. Englisch. 256 Seiten, 23,2 x 29,8 cm. 1,3 kg. Klappenbroschur. 9781846812477. art-16082
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An authentic Japanese garden is full of ancient symbolism and magic, a visual feast and an aural and tactile experience.

This exciting new guide offers clear, practical advice on creating your own Japanese garden. Over 700 colour photographs include a selection of Japanese gardens throughout Japan, Europe and the USA, and step-by-step shots that illustrate the practical processes, the latter in combination with over 80 colour illustrations.

Whether you want to develop a lush green garden with a pond, or a small dry garden with a stone pathway and raked gravel, this comprehensive guide will give you both the inspiration and the know-how.