Paolo Gasperini – The Supplicant

Mexico 1971-2007. Mit eingelegter DVD. Editorial RM 2009. Englisch. 208 Seiten 29 x 25 cm. 1,2 kg. Broschur. 9788492480555. art-15223
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The Supplicant is one of most extensive and profound works of the Italian-Venezuelan photographer Paolo Gasparini. It portrays the “landscape” of Mexico from 1971 to 2007, ranging from the northern border zone to Zapatista territory (from Morelos to Chiapas).

This volume gathers work produced over the last ten years by renowned Italian- Venezuelan photographer Paolo Gasparini. The territories explored by him are emblematic: the border between the United States and Mexico, the Zapatista territory (from Morelos to Chiapas), the Sierra Tarahumara, and inexhaustible Mexico City. Atavisms and modernity fuse together in a mosaic that provokes more questions than it answers. Gasparini demonstrates once more that photography can be an act of conscience.

In the DVD “Letanías del polvo” the words of Juan Villoro serve as both accompaniment and stimulus to Gasparini’s images, exploring the poetic meaning of the journey.
With its double register, this book constitutes a singular adventure: a photographer at the height of his powers exploring a convulsive reality, where beauty is no less present that opprobrium. With an uncompromising gaze, the traveler celebrates the vitality of the country and denounces the calamities that besiege it.