Jean–Louis Dumas – Photographe

(French edition). Signiert. Steidl 2008. Französisch. 234 Seiten, mit zahlr. Abb. 23,5 x 22 cm. 1,4 kg. Fester Einband im Schuber. 9783865217752. art-15839
statt 55,00€ 20,00
Jean-Louis Dumas always carries with him two things: a small red notebook and an old Leica. He has taken photographs all his life, mostly in black and white, cataloguing momentous moments and trivial asides on his extensive travels with work, family and friends.

Dumas is a sophisticated amateur photographer whose professional milieu, as creative director of Hermès for 30 years, and friendships with masters of the medium such as Edouard Boubat, have instilled in his photography an elegant sensibility.

This collection brings together a life’s work and reflects a love affair with photography.