Krass Clement – Dublin

February / March 1991. The Gallery of Photography Ireland. RRB Publishing 2017. Englisch. 136 Seiten, 205 x 265 cm. 1,0 kg. Fester Einband. 9780993232329. art-16244
€ 55,00
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Krass Clement's Dublin book features never before published images from the Irish city, shot concurrently with the now seminal work published in "Drum".

"‘Dublin’ follows the journey of a flaneur through the Irish city beginning in the deserted streets on the outskirts in the dark before dawn. Shot at angles, furtive glimpses into doorways and down urban streets, give the impression of walking at pace and staying in the shadows. The sense of movement in ‘Dublin’ is accentuated by the figures on the street who are in a perpetual state of transit - on foot, on the bus, or in a brief moment of respite before moving on again. Shot in black and white, these photographs appear to show a city not rooted in the late 20th century, but rather a Dublin out of time, monochromatic in both rain and sun. A visual stream of consciousness on a stroll through the city, Clement’s work marries the traditions of Scandinavian melancholy and the 'flaneur' tradition from the Parisian school." (