Michael Caine – 1960s

Tony Nourmand (Hrsg.). Graham Marsh. Reel Art Press Englisch. 128 Seiten, 100 Abb. 23,5 x 28,2 cm. 980 g. Fester Einband. 9780957261099. art-18892
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The epitome of cool: Michael Caine – 1960s features stunning and groovy photography of the actor both on and off screen in this, his defining decade.

As part of the swinging sixties scene in London, Caine was pictured with the hippest actors, models and photographers of the period. Also captured here is Caine on the set of many of his most iconic films from the era, including Zulu, Alfie, Ipcress File and Italian Job.

These fascinating, hip photographers are accompanied by design and text from the renowned Graham Marsh.