Oded Ezer – The Typographer‘s Guide to the Galaxy

Robert Klanten (Hrsg.). Gestalten 2009. Beiträge von Paola Antonellei, Maria Bantjes. Englisch. 192 Seiten, 25 x 28,7 cm. 1,4 kg. Halbleinen. 9783899552423. art-16278
statt 39,90€ 10,00
Oded Ezer presents the outstanding work of visionary typographer, graphic designer and artist Oded Ezer for the first time. He explores the anatomy of letters through his almost scientific approach to type design and creates Hebrew and Latin characters and alphabets that integrate elements atypical for font design.

This book documents his type art and typographic experiments as well as his refined graphic designs, logos and unique font designs. This publication showcases his remarkable creative output and offers a rare insight into Ezer’s design process.