Beuys Voice

Lucrezia De Domizio Durini. Exhib'publication. Kunsthaus Zürich. Electa 2011. German. 968 pages, with num. ills. 17.5 x 24.6 cm. 2,6 kg. Hardcover. 9788837085735. art-10786
was 118,00€ 49,80
For many years Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) made repeated visits to Bolognano, a small mountain village in southern Abruzzo. Beuys' activities there soon turned into a series of long-term projects united by a motivation that was at once artistic, political, ecological and humanitarian. These projects led ultimately to the celebrated action entitled Difesa della Natura.

Beuys Voice contains contributions and testimonies by numerous celebrated authors (Harald Szeemann, Felix Baumann, Pierre Restany et al) who have devoted time to Beuys and the Difesa della Natura. The publication, about 1,000 pages long, containing more than 200 illustrations from the historical archive of De Domizio Durini, describes the Living Sculpture which made Beuys famous, together with the historical background that is fundamental to comprehending his thinking and work. A vital tool for a better understanding of his teaching on the environment, nature and ecology.

The book also recalls Beuys' decisive role in the founding of the Green movement in Germany and emphasizes the on-going commitment of his output, which was geared to improving the human condition, as well as providing readers with an update on the new trends of the post-Beuys period.