New Design and Architecture from Japan. Andrej Kupetz (Hrsg.). Gestalten 2011. Englisch. 288 Seiten, 24 x 30 cm. 1,9 kg. Fester Einband. 9783899553727. art-15584
statt 49,90€ 14,95
Sublime is a comprehensive collection of current Japanese architecture, interiors, and products that showcases and explores the country’s uniquely elegant design aesthetic. After the visual excesses of the early new millennium, there is now a distinct demand for clear and rational, yet forward-thinking, design—a style in which the Japanese have specialized for hundreds of years.

Today, architects and other creatives from Japan are masters at designing striking, virtually transcendent work that seamlessly melds aesthetics, functionality, and quality. With its opulent visuals and insightful texts by Andrej Kupetz and Shonquis Moreno, the book examines this distinctive talent for combining the rational and traditional with the cutting-edge in a way that seems effortless and even playful.