Dogon – Images & Tradition

Lannoo 2010. English, French. 399 pages with 240 ill. 21.6 x 27.9 cm. 2,4 kg. Hardcover. 9782839907255. art-15667
was 85,00€ 29,95
For 25 years photographer Huib Blom has documented the architecture, religion, cultural structures and art of the Dogon that live at the rocks of Bandiagara in the south of Mali.

The book’s five chapters are lavishly illustrated and show the Dogon and their land, sculptures, masks and architecture in overwhelming photographs. Two maps depict the different areas of the Dogon land, where exactly the villages that are discussed are situated and what their typical structures look like.

Bloms extensive knowledge on the Dogon become apparent through the photographs and texts about their traditions, religious beliefs, rites and art that he portraits in the light of the sacred and secular architecture and the spectacular topography of their land. Thereby he establishes a new perspective on the Dogon and their culture.