Albrecht Fuchs – Porträts

Snoeck 2007. Contributors: Mark von Schlegell. English, German. 52 ill. (52 col.). 23.8 x 28.7 cm. 974 g. Cloth with dust jacket. 9783936859591. art-16500
was 34,00€ 9,95
Albrecht Fuchs is a portrait artist who works with photography. His methodology of respectful distance and loving empathy leads to a strange tension in his photographs, despite the quietude and equilibrium in the compositions.

Naturally, the people portrayed in the meticulously constructed images, both in terms of the use of light and colour composition, stare at one with open and serious demeanour. They would like to appear sympathisch and as result are a little lost in reverie. And yet upon closer inspection one feels there is a sense of authenticity in the moment here, which one would normally be denied. With his portraits of Martin Kippenberger, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, John Baldessari, Wolfgang Tillmans, Bruno Brunnet, Isabella Rosselini, Joschka Fischer, Ennio Morricone, to name but a few of the more prominent ones, Albrecht Fuchs appears to be our constant companion in magazines such as art, Monopol or newspapers such as Süddeutsche or the FAZ.

This current volume contains a large number of photographs selected and ordered by Albrecht Fuchs for the first time.