Netsuke – Japanese Miniature Carvings

Collections of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts. Éva Cseh (Hrsg.). Museum of Fine Arts Budapest 2001. Beiträge von Mária Ferenczy. Englisch. 198 Seiten, 20,5 x 30,2 cm. 1,1 kg. Fester Einband. 9789637098772. art-16530
statt 24,00€ 9,95
The Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts, Budapest, was founded in 1919 by Ferenc Hopp.

This volume is a comprehensive catalogue of the Netsuke Collection and is the first of the series devoted to the museum's East Asiatic Collection. Including a brief description of each piece and excellent photographs, this volume will be an important addition to every netsuke collector's library.