Miyako Ishiuchi

Yokosuka Story | Apartment | Endless Night | | 1906 to the Skin | Mothers. Auflage 900 unsignierte Ex. Ausst'publikation. Langhans Gallery, Prague. Manfred Heiting 2008. Beiträge von Machiel Botman. Englisch. 38 Abb. (davon 38 s/w). 20 x 27,5 cm. 742 g. Leporello fester Einband. art-17295
statt 62,00€ 32,00
Selected by the artist herself from "Yokosuka Story", "Apartment", "Endless Night", "", "1906 To The Skin", and "Mother's".

"During a period of 35 years Ishiuchi Miyako has established an international career, which is both impressive and highly significant. Her strength of character and uncompromising vision has resulted in some of the most powerful as well as personal representations of postwar Japan."

"She uses the camera, and all of its aesthetic potential, to investigate the intersection of the political and the personal aspects of memory"

(Citation from the Hasselblad Award Foundation)