Paul Klee und die Surrealisten

With supplement in French language. Exhib'publication. Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. Hatje Cantz 2016. Contributors: Michael Baumgartner, Anne Sophie Petit-Emptaz, Guitemie Maldonado et al. German. 400 pages, 497 ill. 23 x 27 cm. 2,2 kg. Hardcover. 9783775741545. art-19036
was 49,80€ 14,95
What do Louis Aragon, Antonin Artaud, Paul Éluard, Joan Miró, and André Masson have to do with the painter and Bauhaus master Paul Klee?

This cross-genre and fascinating subject is examined for the first time in a multifaceted exhibition. The fact that the French Surrealists saw their key concepts such as “dreams,” “the cosmos,” and “vision” reflected in the magical, transcendental Klee's painting and even made him their spiritus rector, is remarkable considering the backdrop of Europe's political situation between the world wars.

The exhibition and catalogue shed light on this fascinating chapter of the relationship between artists and expose its enormous art-historical dimension. Organized according to individual subject areas such as “Écriture automatique,” “The World as a Dream,” and “Portraits and Masks,” the book provides readers with information about this important interface between the literary and artistic avant-garde in Europe during a turbulent era.