Stan Shaffer – You Should Have Been With Me

teNeues 2010. Contributors: Eileen Ford & Anthony Haden-Guest. German, English, French, Italian. 256 pages, 215 ill. (215 b/w). 27 x 36 cm. 3,2 kg. Cloth with dust jacket. 9783832794255. art-28650
was 79,90€ 25,00
An overview of a major photographic talent: A social history of cultural bohemia from the golden age of the ’60s and ’70s.

In this photographic scrapbook, fashion photographer Stan Shaffer shares his extraordinary life at the nexus of art, fashion and cinema. On this incredible journey we traipse through the hottest NYC parties where everyone is somebody and they’re all dressed to kill!

Over his career as icon maker, Shaffer has hung out with everyone from Andy Warhol to Jerry Hall, Carla Bruni to Uma Thurman. With his fine-tuned intuition, this trendsetting photographer reveals the real person beyond these public facades. Sometimes sexy, often quirky, these images are always joyful and original.

Stan Shaffer died unexpectedly during the final stages of production on this book. Stan was truly original, with an infectious laugh and a true zest for living. This book not only captures his life’s work and that zest but also an era that defined modern New York City, which still permeates today. One of the blessings of this book was that it reconnected Stan with so many people from his lifetime. Sadly, this book turned out to be Stan’s swan song as well.