James Ensor by Luc Tuymans

Ausst'publikation. Royal Academy of Arts, London. Royal Academy 2016. Beiträge von Herwig Todts, Gerrit Vermeiren, Xavier Tricot et al. Englisch. 176 Seiten, 75 Abb. (davon 75 farbig). 24 x 30 cm. 1,2 kg. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9781910350454. art-28664
statt 45,00€ 15,00
This handsome book accompanies the RA’s major show of works by influential and intriguing artist, James Ensor – the first major show on James Ensor in the UK for 20 years. Curated by Belgium’s leading contemporary painter, Luc Tuymans, this volume explores the life and legacy of the artist who produced one of the most unusual bodies of work at the turn of the twentieth century.

James Ensor was born in Ostend and barely left his home town during his lifetime. His influence may have come from the family run curio shop, filled with an array of exotic objects including parrots, a monkey and masks from around the world.

Marked by psychological complexity, contradictions and sheer eccentricity, Ensor’s works – featuring such bizarre subject-matter as dressed-up skeletons and macabre carnival masks – have continued to baffle and intrigue in equal measure and were a major influence on Expressionism and Surrealism.