Miró | Artigas – Ceramics

Catalogue raisonné 1941-1981. Paris. Lelong 2007. Beiträge von Joan Gardy Artigas, Joan Punyet Miró et al. Englisch. 400 Seiten, mit 570 Abb. 25,9 x 32,7 cm. 3,2 kg. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9782868820792. art-10699
statt 268,00€ 99,00
The catalogue raisonné of Miró’s ceramical work is a sequel to the four volume catalogue of his prints and the six volumes of his paintings and the volume of his sculptures. It has been produced by Joan Punyet Miró and Joan Gardy Artigas.

It consists of a single volume in English, containing 570 reproductions —most of them in colour— of all Miró’s ceramics, from the first painted vases from 1941, to the final monumental ceramic walls from 1981. All these pieces are unique, always done in stoneware or earthenware, and fired in wood kilns.

Comprehensive details are given for each ceramic: title, year of production, medium, materials, dimensions, with indication of signature, owner, provenance, the principal exhibitions it has appeared in and the main publications in which it has been reproduced.