Ideas Can Be Dangerous. Rian Hughes. Fiell Publishing 2010. Englisch. 363 Seiten, 200 Abb. (davon 200 farbig). 16,3 x 24,4 cm. 894 g. Kunstleder. 9781906863289. art-15978
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Culture is your local consensus reality; your clothing, cuisine and hairstyle, the music you listen to, the films you see; your values, ideas, beliefs and prejudices. Culture, unlike race, is not a compulsory accident of birth, but an intellectual position.

Today culture has a powerful new vector: the internet. Ideas - from a YouTube video to a viral marketing phenomenon or a fundamentalist religion - are travelling further and faster, and changing the cultural landscape like never before. In a new electronic democracy of ideas, cultural power is devolving to the creative individual. We will soon all have the means to create; we just have to decide whether it be art or bombs. In our symbol-drenched lives we desperately need a way of decoding the messages that bombard us.

Written and designed by Rian Hughes, CULT-URE is the culmination of a decade's research into why and how we communicate. CULT-URE provides a thought-provoking exploration into media convergence within our digital age and an insider's guide into the changing nature of communications, perceptions and identities. Set to become a cult publication for the digital generation, CULT-URE is the 21st century answer to Marshall McLuhan's seminal The Medium is the Message. CULT-URE is your thought-provoking guide to surviving the new media revolution, and a potent inoculation against infection by dangerous ideas.