The Shakers. From Mount Lebanon to the World

Michael K. Komanecky (Hrsg.). Stephen J. Stein. New York. Skira 2014. Beiträge von Stephen Stein, Jerry Grant, Michael Graham et al. Englisch. 256 Seiten, mit zahlr. Abb. 25 x 28,5 cm. 1,9 kg. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9780847842629. art-13834
statt 65,00€ 19,95
An important book on Shaker art and life, offering a fresh look at a style that has endured through centuries and continues to inspire designers and homeowners.

This book presents the elegantly austere and simply styled objects of the Shakers in the context of their faith and community at Mount Lebanon, N.Y., the spiritual and administrative center of the Shaker world. Outstanding examples of furniture, textiles, tools, and other objects – drawn primarily from the collection of  Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon-bring the fascinating world of the Shakers to life. The book also explores the equally compelling material culture of Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester, Maine, the last active Shaker community, and how this group of Shakers continued to thrive while other Shaker communities elsewhere gradually disappeared.

Accompanying a major exhibition organized by the Farnsworth Art Museum, this book presents a new and authentic perspective on the Shaker community. Specially commissioned photography, archival imagery, essays by prominent scholars, and a firsthand interview with a member of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community deepen our understanding of this influential movement and style.