...from the first international sticker awards. Andreas Ullrich, Matthias Mark, Matthias Müller (Hrsg.). Gestalten 2006. Englisch. 324 Seiten, 21 x 13 cm. 686 g. Broschur. 9783899551518. art-16304
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Stickers have become an essential element of contemporary street art used by the most underground of artists. With stickers, anyone can plant their flag, gain notoriety, recognition and attain instant coverage while the action itself is inconspicuous. This book documents the best submissions from the first international sticker awards which have been established to record this constantly evolving movement.

Low-tech and prepared in advance, stickers are made from a multitude of materials and techniques from hand, photocopies, posters and wheat pastes to walls. From drainpipes and crosswalk boxes to street signs and walls, stickers can be found almost anywhere at eye level on public surfaces blending into and becoming part of the streets. Motifs vary from scribbles and characters to intricate figurative images, often personal logos or tags functioning as trademarks. Stickers have created a revolution in communication – proving to be effective tools in establishing dialog, inspiring reaction and feature messages that are subversive, fun and often cryptic.

This extensive volume presents over 800 examples from around the world and includes 2 pages of award winning real stickers for the reader’s enjoyment.