Street and Studio

An Urban History of Photography. Ute Eskildsen (Hrsg.). Ausst'publikation. Tate Modern, London. TATE Publishing 2008. Beiträge von Susanne Holschbach, Florian Ebner et al. Englisch. 224 Seiten, 130 Abb. (davon 130 farbig). 22,8 x 27,5 cm. 1,1 kg. Broschur. 9781854377784. art-16537
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The street allows photographers to conceal cameras and catch subjects unaware, in informal settings. By contrast, the studio permits both photographers and subjects to present carefully composed images to the world through elaborate staging and technical tricks.

In recent years, with celebrities posing in the street and the studio being used for more informal, intimate shots, both traditions have undergone a transformation.