Designer British Silver

From Studios Established 1930-1985. John Andrew, Derek Styles. Antique Collectors' Club 2015. Englisch. 560 Seiten, 538 Abb. (davon 508 farbig und 30 s/w). 23,7 x 30 cm. 4,0 kg. Fester Einband im Schmuckschuber mit Schutzumschlag. 9781851497805. art-20806
statt 85,00€ 25,00
Designer British silver' explores the designer-silversmiths who have shaped British silver from the 1950s through to the present day.

Covering a complete generation of craftsmen and women, and featuring one-to-one interviews with key figures, the book reveals the people and forces behind the post-war Renaissance that made Britain a centre of excellence for designer makers in silver. The fifty leading figures are covered in-depth, from Malcolm Appleby to John Willmin. Detailed insight is provided on the lives and works of each maker, alongside lavish illustrations and extended captions telling the story of every remarkable piece of silver.

'Designer British silver' also includes a fascinating overview of the post-war revival of British silver, a section on where to view designer British silver and additional listings of designers, craftsmen, silver manufacturers and engravers.