Textiles et Parures des Andes. Ausst'publikation. Linden Museum, Stuttgart. Ludion 2018. Beiträge von Lena Bjerregaard, Sophie Desrosiers et al. Französisch. 208 Seiten, 21,5 x 26,5 cm. 978 g. Klappenbroschur. 9789491819964. art-27685
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The Incas and their predecessors are renowned for their ceramics, their precious metalwork and their colossal stone buildings. But how did they dress?

Precious textiles were used by the Incas not only to clothe themselves but also as a symbol of power and identity, for sacrificial purposes and as a means of exchange. The catalogue shows a breath-taking collection of textiles and feathers, as well as gold, silver and shell jewellery.