Louise Lawler – Adjusted

Philipp Kaiser (ed.). Prestel 2013. Contributors: Benjamin Buchloh, Hal Foster, Sven Lüttiken. German. 200 pages, 160 ill. (160 col.). 20.2 x 27.6 cm. 752 g. Softcover. 9783791353449. art-28371
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This book offers a comprehensive survey of works by Louise Lawler, a leading figure of the “Pictures Generation,” a group of artists known for their appropriation of images from an age saturated by media and consumerism.

The work of American artist Louise Lawler focuses on the presentation of art, and the context in which it is viewed. She is known for her images of paintings hanging on museum walls and in collectors’ homes; of artwork being installed in galleries; and of sculpture being viewed by spectators.

This volume presents an overview of Lawler’s eclectic body of work, including recent works, which offer insightful and witty revelations about the way art is “consumed” in our current culture, and the way it is modified, or “adjusted,” by the manner in which it is displayed.