Laura El–Tantawy – Post–Script (sign.)

Auflage 750. Signiert und nummeriert. Colin Pantall (Hrsg.). RRB Photobooks 2016. Englisch. 32 Seiten, 15 Abb. (davon 15 farbig). 11,2 x 15 cm. 98 g. 9780993232398. art-16623
€ 20,00
Post-Script revisits Laura El-Tantawy’s journey through Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square five years from Egypt’s momentous revolution and one year after the release of her self-published monograph, “In the Shadow of the Pyramids.” The pocket-sized publication features previously unpublished images and written reflections where El-Tantawy takes readers behind the photographs and into the thoughts and emotions that went into making them. It can be considered a reflection on the act of photography itself. The publication is released to coincide with the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2016, for which “In the Shadow of the Pyramids” is nominated.